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Structuraction / Annotation

1st product, 1st phase : it is all about automatically structuring and annotating data. 
Gain access to any Open Data relevant to your developments.

Render your own database interoperable with the same method.

Leverage both in a unified, personalized & protected way. 

AS Deep Science Dive Engine

An intuitive user interface associated with a unique search engine for
generating instant medical hypotheses, extracting therapeutic insights
in a matter of seconds, with the highest level of complexity and text
Personalized specialized vocabulary is the last addition to your own perfect engine



ArcaScience has the expertize and teams for adressing data security & access rights so that you don't bother changing your uses

Instant benefits

From leveraging 4 times more data firstly out of your own databases, for a 8,3% average increase R&D's ROI for the first year


Instant generation of your R&D skills map, on basis of your data analysis : know who did what, where, with who, with which skill

A quick peek

ArcaScience is a double AI tool which is able to tap and leverage massive biomedical data, enrich it, and associate it with a simple querying and cutting-edge in-depth targeting and extraction tool.The solution includes AI-enriched Open Science data (articles, clinical trials, sequences etc.) for drug repurposing and biomarkers finding in oncology and RD.

Set-up phases

Environment analysis

Contract choice (4) & Quote


AS Open Science

Ask for your own database optimization by requesting your very own Open Science package building. 

ArcaScience team gathered and is processing tens of millions of all sorts of open science data, which you can access to from a unique touchpoint, on your own environment