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ArcaScience AI & Deep Science Dive engine aims at solving 4 of the biggest issues a scientist meet when looking for relevant data :

- Accessing in one query, to a full overview of state of the art information

- Extracting targeted information, like DNA samples, molecules related to specific inhibitors, drugs, etc.

- Generate medical hypothesis out of massive inputs

- Dataset/datasheet generation for specific PV needs and claims

State of the art

Targeting : DNA samples, molecules, etc.

Medical Hypothesis


Accelerate results

Use cases showed an average 1 month and a maximum 2 month saved yearly looking for data & sorting it.

We did not bother putting time spent duplicating research into numbers... you know better than us. 
Forget about it, it is now solved.

We make the most out of your data, to save you years of R&D.

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