Achieve complete end to end control over your biomedical information

Structure massively - target precisely.

Find billions of vital biomedical information instantly,
multiply your indications, profits & bring your teams & healthtech solutions to the next level

Complete end-to-end control of your data

We empower Data Managers to turn their biomedical data into browsable and profitable assets for scientists and leaders

80% of biomedical resources are out of reach

ArcaScience turns unstructured data into AI models

1- Our federative AI turns unstructured and structured data into browsable assets

2- Our AI Generator turns the new browsable assets into top-of-the-art data analysis models

3- You explore the 1st standalone solution to achieve complet end-to-end control of biomedical information

Target, browse, visualize & compare billions of new datapoints. 

Our solution

1 federative solution, 1 AI Generator, instant literature review & analysis

1 tool gathering information, understanding your specialized vocabulary and delivering all kinds of ways to explore it : biostatistics, visualisations & targeted extractions

Use cases :
- Automatic Systematic Literature Review
- Drug repurposing (biomarkers targeting ; efficacy ; A/Es identification ; dosages)
- Pharmacovigilance & RWE automation (meta-analysis ; instant PSUR ; signal dectection)
- Clinical optimization (recruitments, automatized protocol drafting, CRF analysis etc.)

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ArcaScience provided the first and only solution giving us both the ability to leverage and to access our data out of hundreds of different sources never merged together and to target crucial oncology datapoints (mostly biomarkers and adverse events), leading us to save millions over a year and significantly accelerate our pace of development.

Head of R&D oncology at a top 5 Big Pharma

Only with Arcascience

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Biomedical data

85m publications & 20m medical records, clinical trials, R&D data etc.

Data Federation

>80% of your own data rendered annotated, interoperable & searchable

Extraction Level

Starting from state of the art querying, side-effect retrieval, all the way to gene extraction

Only with Arcascience

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Q2 2021 - State of the art

What secondary data targets this molecule/biomarker/etc. ? State-of-the-art report

Can we predict safety issues before the phase 1? Predictive safety

Q3 2021 - RWE & Precision Medecine

How can I discover biomarkers to assist with patient stratification? Biomarker Discovering AI

How can I use RWE to understand patient reported outcomes? Automatic rendering of Meta-analysis

Q3 2021 - Pharmacovigilance

How can I monitor my molecule’s effects? Wide-range smart Signal Detection

How can I spend less time reporting? Automatic filling & rendering of PSURs

Pre-Clinical -Q2 2022

What is this molecule’s potential for clinical development? Translational Science

Can we predict safety issues? Predictive safety

Clinical Development

How can I reposition this molecule? Drug repositioning

What is the potential benefit/risk of this drug? Efficiency prediction

How to maximize my patient adoption? Patient Profile analysis

Market Validation

How can I simplify my protocol drafting? Protocol autofill

Where can I find specific patients? Patients recruitment

ArcaScience AI

A glimpse into tomorrow’s data federation

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