Data intelligent search and powerful R&D

This document’s aim is to give insights over what ArcaScience Artificial Intelligence (AS AI) is able to bring when used by pharmaceutical companies. See how data coming from R&D, reports, clinical trials, null results, unexploited databases, etc., when optimized, annotated, shared and leveraged properly with the good stakeholders, can bring drug development to the next level.

You will be able to catch a glimpse over what is possible with AS AI when it comes to increasing power through shared knowledge. See how this platform offers intuitive data management and agility researchers, innovation & IT departments ask for.

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Success Stories 1, 2 & 3

ArcaScience is a double AI tool which is able to tap and leverage massive biomedical data, enrich it, and associate it with a simple querying and cutting-edge in-depth targeting and extraction tool.The solution includes AI-enriched Open Science data (articles, clinical trials, sequences etc.) for drug repurposing and biomarkers finding in oncology and R&D.

Case Study : Big PharmaCase Study : NASACase Study : CORD-19 COVID