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Arcascience IDF

Arcascience IDF

The Solution for science federation

Scientific articles
Medical reports
Internal data
Clinical trials
Secondary data

Arca TS

Your model for Translational Science purposes, from state of the art analysis to efficacy prediction

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Arca Patient Profile

Patient data has never been more accessible : pick your metric and gather informations at a glance

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Arca Efficacy

A new way to evaluate efficacy on a large scale : from the most confident to the most recent assumptions

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Arca PV

The quickest and most precise way of finding adverse events for reports, surveillance & signal detection

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Arca PM

Doing Business Intelligence has never been easier : browse, crunch and leverage RWE and many other data

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80% of biomedical resources
are not available for use :

ArcaScience turned these resources into AI models

Avoid previous mistakes and capitalize on your own knowledge?

1- Our federative AI turns unstructured and structured data into browsable assets

2- Our AI Generator turns the new browsable assets into top-of-the-art data analysis models

3- You explore the 1st standalone solution to achieve complet end-to-end control of biomedical information

Target, browse, visualize & compare billions of new datapoints. 

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