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Literature Reviewing

Master the full overview of your subject

By enabling massive gathering of biomedical data, we allow the most precise and broad literature review available to this day. 

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Literature review in a blink of an eye

Query your entity to review

Pathology ; Drug ; Vaccines ; Adverse Events ; Symptoms ; Laboratories ; Dosages ; and many more

Choose the sources to browse

Pick any database previously structured and processed by Arca IDF : primary & secondary data are available

Choose your export format

After selecting the data points, dates & sources you choose which format and template you wish to export your result in : bibliography report, HTML detailed digest, PDF report, Tables extracts & Customized export

Safety Profiling

Simply the easiest way of doing pharmacovigilance today

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Safety profiling with us

Choose the drug to profile

Pick your drug(s) to target, whether it is your own or your competitors'

Choose the source to crunch

from the data deeply buried in the record management of your own datawharehouses to the public information posted everyday online (RWD)

Pick your export format

from the actual data underlined with the specific colors showing adverse events and its seriousness, to the pre-filed reports with MedDRA Ids and bibliographic informations

Business Intelligence

How to keep an eye on the information that matters

Business Intelligence and marketing optimization is about mastering knowledge and knowing how to ask the proper questions about your own drugs and your competitions'

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Doing Business Intelligence with ArcaScience?

Pick a drug

Whether it is one of your own, or one you wish to know everything about

Pick a specific template

by chosing a template in Arca Explore, our solution will automatically reorganize itself to reflect your strategic needs, from a performance overview to a more precise, marketing oriented review

Compare, visualize, export

Add your data to a list of insights to compare, visualize and export the result

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