Leveraging R&D Data for Health Laboratories

Thanks to our Standardization AI and our Multi-format Decentralized, Non-outsourcing solutions
Rationalize your scientific databases thanks to our AI and get your own detailed index
Interconnect your databases and empower your production by boosting your working process connecting with your peers
Instantly format your work through semantic and structural recognition, for researchers and PhD students, through our and your own templates

ArcaScience's 3 steps

1- Rationalize

your data with ArcaScience AI and create your own index with your lost science

Benefit : up to +166% ROI

2- reDiscover

your lost data with your new index built on your rationalized data

Benefit : Between 10 and 20% of labor time/year

3- multi-FORMAT

your standardized texts with our templates (reports, data analytics, articles etc.)

Benefit : 1 month of labor time/researcher/year

Our Vision

We reindex Lost Science on a massive scale

We make R&D investment optimization a reality

ArcaScience works for science and with the research community

Our Structure and commitment

ArcaScience AI identifies and labilises your data on private clouds and on-premise.

We give you back the full power hidden into your databases

Get involved into the next-generation AI, transform your databases,

regain control over them

and raise the profit out of your R&D by up to 166%

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