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Our purpose

Ever felt like you could not take advantage out of most of your data?

ArcaScience AI reveals, enriches, annotates and interconnects this fragmented science, in order to dramatically increase your synergy and activate massive data intelligence

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Our solution

ArcaScience AI : an AI tool and a next-gen search engine able to tap into and leverage massive biomedical data.

Use cases : state of the art browsing, drug repurposing, pharmacovigilance processing & monitoring, and biomarkers targeting in fields such as oncology, rare diseases and many others

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Biomedical data

85m publications & 20m medical records, clinical trials, R&D data etc.

Data Federation

80+% of your own data rendered annotated, interoperable & searchable

Extraction Level

Starting from state of the art querying, side-effect retrieval, all the way to gene extraction

ArcaScience AI - Deep Science Dive

A glimpse into tomorrow's data federation

This tool is the first and only one giving us both the ability to leverage and to access our data out of 5 different sources never merged together, which was crucial to create a huge oncology database, not to mention the search engine ability to target, aggregate and extract, leading us to save hundreds of hours over a year.

Head of R&D oncology at top 5 Big Pharma

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You are a researcher, scientist, or member of a related R&D institutions or company and you want to talk with us about topics like :

- Lost Science
- Open Science
- Scientific publishing
- Search process layouts
- Pharmacovigilance

- Data access
- Your search for fundings
- In silico vs in vivo research
- AI in research
- Federative Learning